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Distribution for species Brachyplax tenuis (Mulsant & Rey, 1852)

Note:  Distribution maps are often incomplete due to the workload of entering data.

Austria,Bosnia,Bulgaria,Croatia,Czech Republic,Turkey,France,Hungary,Italy,Macedonia,Portugal,Romania,Russia,Slovakia,Slovenia,Spain,Switzerland,Ukraine,Yugoslavia,ALgeria,Egypt?,Libya,Morocco,Tunisia,Azerbaijan,KazakhstanArmenia,Cyprus,Georgia,Israel,Kirgizia,Syria,Tadzhikistan,Turkmenistan,Uzbekistan (Péircart 2001)
Level 1 status: No data
Level 2 status:
Geographic levels    Land    Ocean
No data or not present land default; not present ocean default
Level 1 present TDWG level 1 land color TDWG level 1 ocean color
Level 2 present TDWG level 2 land color TDWG level 2 ocean color
Level 3 present TDWG level 2 land color TDWG level 2 ocean color
Blue shades locate oceanic islands
included in the distribution.

 Listing of geographic areas  

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